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Producator de ambalaje metalice. Anul inffintarii-1979. Fabricam ambalaje metalice la dimensiunea si design-ul cerut de catre client. Produsele noastre pot fi folosite la ambalarea : lacurilor, vopselelor, solventilor, aditivilor, produselor alimentare ( conserve) sau cosmetice. The industry uses the lot production system according to customer orders. The production has two major phases: 1) Metal lithography phase 2) Can making phase The industry is mainly producing "general line" tin plate cans, the capacities of which vary from 0.2 lt to 25 lt. These products are produced for the following industries: Paint - Varnishes - Solvents, Industrial oils and fluids - Lubricants - Chemicals, Food, Decorative children cans, Cosmetics, Promotional items. The industry is operating by the highest technological standards than any other firm in the market. It's continuously technological investment in high-tech equipment along with its excellent financial position and comparative advantages (quality, flexibility, on time deliveries etc.) lead the company to a promising future in the market. The Lithography Department uses the most up to date production OFFSET technology in UV and CONVENTIONAL printing. In addition, the drying ovens are equipped with incineration system for environmental protection and energy saving. Experienced and highly trained personnel using the finest materials (varnish, polish, ink) produces accurate prints of any type, subject and theme. The industry produces ? great range size of tin plate cans for packaging of paints, solvents and varnishes, ensuring high quality products by: ? ?he latest technological equipment ? Strict quality control in each production stage ? Maintenance of the highest technical specifications ? Excellent tin-can lithography ? Ideal packaging for any transportation needs Produse si servicii: lacuri, vopseluri, diluanti, solventi ,produse chimice, produse alimentare ( dulciuri, conserve). Tipul companiei: Producator Piata de desfacere: Europa Centrala/Est Nr angajati: 101-500 Certificate: - Anul infiintarii: 1979
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