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Ingrasamant Cropvit ZN (100 ml)

Cropvit ZN (500 ML) - 14,00 RON Cropvit ZN (1 L) - pret 23,00 RON Fertiliser contains appropriate selection of micro and macronutrients with addition of sodium and iodine that are vital for animals. Cropvit G improves quality and taste of forage NUTRIENT CONTENT: 15%      N       total nitrogen [15% N-NH2] 2%        MgO   magnesium oxide 0.8%     Na2O   sodium oxide 2.8%     SO3    sulphur trioxide 0.150%  B       boron 0.300%  Cu     copper 0.500%  Fe      iron 0.500%  Mn     manganese 0.005%  Mo     molybdenum 0.500%  Zn     zinc 0.003%  I        iodine Micronutrients Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn chelated by EDTA. All nutrients are water-soluble. APPLICATION RECOMMENDATIONS Cropvit G is mixed with water or along with water solution of urea (at concentration up to 12%) and magnesium sulphate monohydrate (2.5%) or heptahydrate (5%). Do not use urea if herbage legumes make up a big proportion of grass. Avoid spraying during intensive sun, high temperature and strong wind. Application rate: 2 - 3 l/ha Average amount of spray solution: 300 l/ha Optimal composition of spray solution (for 300 l tank) containing all allowable components: 36 kg urea + 7.5 kg magnesium sulphate monohydrate (or 15 kg heptahydrate) + 2-3 l Cropvit G 2 – 4 foliar applications during growing season are recommended. 1st spray – beginning of spring vegetation, next sprays – 3-4 days after each grazing and hay harvest, when the grass starts regrowing but not later than 3 weeks before next grazing or hay cut. VEZI
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